10 March 2016

Daphne Adjei’s Take On Brecker Grossmith

Intern Position at West End London Chartered Surveyor and London Commercial Property Consultant Our intern Daphne Adjei gives her point of view…

“Before joining Brecker Grossmith, I graduated with a degree in Building Surveying from UWE, waitressed and travelled.

Although I found it fulfilling, I had an ‘ok, what’s next!’ moment and decided that it was time to start my career.

My experience of the property industry was limited to what I had learnt during university and I was finding it difficult to get the position I wanted as a Graduate Surveyor.  I knew that it was important to get relevant experience and set about applying to work as an ‘intern’ in a surveying firm.

However, as important as this experience is, I honestly think I may have been reluctant take on an intern role as there are so many negative connotations. Some people think intern means you spend your days photocopying documents, or being able to add under the ‘Key Skills’ header on  your CV that you are able to make a ‘damn good cup of tea.

This was far from the case here, the culture at Brecker Grossmith puts great emphasis on growing professionally and personally, and I have had full support in starting the next chapter of my professional career.

Whilst here, I spent my time working alongside the Agency team on finding properties for clients, managing marketing mail outs and conducting viewings on my own. I also worked with senior members of the Professional Services team on tasks such as reading property leases to find information in order to produce Heads of Terms, and write reports to assist on rent reviews by researching comparables.

My colleagues were extremely welcoming, and as an intern I was treated like any other member of the team.

I believe my time here has undoubtedly helped me grow in a professional and a personal sense and my knowledge has increased significantly.

I am now excited to start the next part of my journey and eventually become a member of the Royal  Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and it is great to know that Brecker Grossmith have been a part of this.

So what is my advice to the next intern?  Do it – you will find it will be a great experience.”

Thanks Daphne, it has been a pleasure having you with us.

If you’d like to find out about a career with Brecker Grossmith please email us on careers@breckergrossmith.co.uk or call us on Tel: 020 7486 3531. We’d love to hear from you!

Since leaving, Daphne is now an Asset Management Graduate at Waltham Forest Borough.

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