21 June 2019

Fashion retailer Vertice secures last remaining boutique at Smiths’ Court

Deal done ! We are delighted to announce that Unit 31 Smiths’ Court has been let to specialist avant-garde fashion retailer Vertice London. They will open a 925 sq. ft boutique which will herald the completion of the re-launch of the Smiths’ Court Soho development which is now fully let.

Founded by Giovanni Bolandrini in 1993, Vertice will be re-locating from South Molton Street in Mayfair.  James Baik, Vertice’s Creative Director said the luxury brand “has maintained its position as the favoured fashion destination for style-conscious individuals.” He added “We envisage a unique space from which an artful fusion of modern continental style could meet cutting-edge avant-garde concepts from eminent brands and fashion designers the world throughout. The wide range of collections, designers and ideas, presented in the medium of cloth, makes for a unique and forward-thinking equilibrium between originality and refinement.”

Dominic Tidman



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