7 April 2016

Finalist in the Property Division Awards 2016

The Property Division Industry Expert Awards 2016 judging panel has come to a final decision about which entries to shortlist for honours.

We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted.

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For more information, please visit Property Division Awards site.

Brecker Grossmith is nominated in two categories:

Agency Website of the Year Brecker Grossmith finalist 2016
Agency Website of the Year
Investment Agency Blog of the Year
Investment Agency Blog of the Year

The web has completely changed the industry over the past 20 years.

Tenants and landlords expect a lot more from their agents than just having their property advertised on a portal.

The estate agents who have learned to embrace digital communication have continued to grow their businesses and maintained a healthy client list.

We’ve been in business for sixty years and still going strong.

Here’s how our website has looked over the past few years.

Brecker Grossmith Website 2002
Brecker Grossmith Website 2002

Our original logo – white on red, was featured in Modern Publicity in 1967, an annual of the best international advertising art.

We reversed out the logo and use this today.

Brecker Grossmith Website 2013
Brecker Grossmith Website 2013


Here’s our latest website designed with the help of Agents Insight and the Looking Glass Agency Brecker Grossmith Website 2016

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