24 November 2020

Tellini ties up Soho salon

Deal done ! Brecker Grossmith has let first floor 47 Brewer Street to hair dresser Michele Tellini who will be opening his new salon “Il Salotto” after a long search for space on Soho.

Michele will bring more than 25 years of hairdressing experience and will be offering hair dressing and styling services to men and women. His aim is to create a professional, cool and prolific working environment with the emphasis on “impeccable customer service.”

He started his career in Italy where he worked in 3 salons before moving to London in 1999 and has worked in Soho for more than 13 years. In that time, he has worked as a manager in Soho Base (for 3 years on Berwick Street), Tommy Guns (for 4 years on Beak Street) and Billy & Bo (for 4 years on Great Windmill Street). We wish him well.

Calvin Nickerson



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