23 March 2016

Tributes for Stanley Grossmith

We were touched by the turn out at the funeral of our co-founder Stanley Grossmith and would like to thank everyone for their messages of condolence and support.

We were comforted by the presence of a number of former employees including agency negotiator turned actor Stephen Greif known for his roles as Travis in Blake’s 7, Harry Fenning in three series of Citizen Smith, Signor Donato in Casanova and Commander John Shepherd in Shoot On Sight.

Stephen (pictured below) was with Brecker Grossmith for about two years before applying for drama school.

Stephen Greif
Stephen Greif

He said: “I was really saddened to hear of the death of one of my old bosses Stanley who I remember with warmth and affection. I feel blessed to have been able to pay my respects at the funeral.”

Recalling his time at Brecker Grossmith, Stephen says “I was quite good at it. I made a lot of money for the firm and for me. I was only eighteen and was well turned out in a good suit and tie. I was quite charming on the phone.”

“For what it’s worth, I had a terrific time at BG and I think that WAS down to the culture of being allowed to get on with it and do business when the opportunity arose.”

Thank you, Stephen, for these kind words.

If any other former members of staff or relatives or friends wish to share memories or to pass along messages of condolence, please email richard@breckergrossmith.co.uk

Read more about Stephen Greif  here www.stephengreif.com

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