Guide to best office space in London in 2024

Guide to best office space in London in 2024

about 2 months ago

Renting an office space is an important step towards establishing your business, with the chosen location adding a significant detail to your business brand.

There is a lot to consider to ensure you select the ideal space, from the functional aspects to the transport links and local amenities. You may require meeting rooms and other on-site facilities for staff, or you may need to receive clients and make presentations and pitches. All of these factors will have an impact on your decision, with a wide variety of office spaces around London offering premises with promise.

The rental price will obviously be another important factor to consider, so make sure you have your budget figured out in advance to help streamline your options. Also keep in mind that while the usual business districts in London certainly have benefits over other locations, there will be plenty of suitable options in less expensive and competitive areas. Also consider shared office spaces as they can include a lot of opportunities for collaboration and the chance to expand your professional network.

To get you started in your search for office space, here is a quick guide to some of the best office spaces around London in 2024.

Office Spaces for Startups

Techspace near Shoreditch High Street station is an excellent affordable site for startups in the tech industry. The workspaces are scalable and there are numerous break-out areas and dedicated areas for workshops and events.

Despite being in the middle of London’s financial district near Moorgate station, WeWork Moorgate is an affordable office space with plenty of functionality including meeting rooms and communal kitchenettes.

Spaces on Oxford Street provides a particularly recognisable location, and offers professional conference rooms along with a state-of-the-art lounge area. The famous nearby tube station provides staff and clients with easy access to your prestigious but affordable address.

Serviced Office Spaces

LentaSpace has a lot of buildings around London, with their serviced office spaces providing meeting rooms, break-out areas and private spaces. The offices are adaptable and scalable, with the office services including functions such as kitchens and gyms. The high-speed internet includes technical support and even on-site engineers.

Office Space in Town also has multiple buildings around London, all with flexible serviced offices. The working spaces include meeting rooms, virtual offices and a conference room, as well as venues for events and reception areas. Additional services include communal kitchens, cafes and bars, and even on-site beauty salons.

The Argyll Club has over 30 buildings, all with exquisite interiors. There are private offices and co-working spaces, as well as plenty of meeting rooms and virtual offices. These offices will suit businesses who want to impress clients, with the Argyll Club specialising in high quality furniture and design.

If you need to find the best office space in London then contact Brecker Grossmith today to speak to an experienced team of chartered surveyors specialising in commercial property around London.

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